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Able Tricycles supplies new tricycles for able body and the disabled.
Extensive experience in working with parents, therapists and schools to address specific needs.
Tricycles are either standard or customised based on individual needs.
Able Tricycles also provides repairs and modifications to existing bikes.


Went to see Ron a couple of weeks ago with my 3 year old. He really impressed me with his mechanical knowledge and understanding of how a bike was put together etc. he also has experience of other equipment and its pros and cons. Refreshingly different to Sales Reps I have become used to discussing equipment with!!

Rozzy Dickson

I am a teacher at St George school for students with physical disabilities.I had the honour of trialling the “Free walker” in my class when it was first developed by Ron. It is a truly amazing machine. It enabled my students to access bike riding in the classroom without having to take them outside. Often we did not have the 1:1 support to take them outside for a ride so with the freewalker they had more accessibility to bike riding on a regular basis.They were able to do it in group learning times or in their leisure time within the classroom. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who has a need for this type of equipment.
Able tricycles range of bikes for students with special needs are fantastic. Compared to other bikes that are available on the market these are more affordable, more sturdy and better support for our students. Ron is very knowledgeable about students with special needs, having worked in this area for many years, so will ensure that you have the right bike for your student/child.
Jane Ferris (Teacher, St George SSP-Kogarah)

Jane Ferris

Teacher, St George SSP-Kogarah

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