Able Tricycles / Able Shuttle buses is a Registied NDIS provider for the following services 

Assistive equipment-Recreation.     All states and territories exept WA Pending State Approval.

Assistive-Travel/transport.               N.S.W Only. 

Personal mobility equipment.          All states and territories exept NT and WA Pending State Approval.

The NDIS is a Federal Government initiative of delivering support to people with disabilities. It permits more choice and control to people accessing disability services. The NDIS continues to roll out throughout Australia. Go to, to find out when the NDIS will be available in your area.

An Able Tricycles bike /tricycle will be itemised and approved by the NDIS as Assistive Equipment for Recreation.                Line item 05_121806409_0112_1_2 The NDIS Operational Guideline that covers recreation supports can be found here:

Assistive Technology FAQs

One of my customers recomended this Facebook page for mums and dads to get helpfull infomation on the NDIS from the community. Grassroots Discussion

 Able Tricycles and the NDIS

The NDIS has policy guidelines that need to be considered when you are accessing funding for recreational equipment: In relation to recreational support, it is important that the support relates to one or more participatory goals. For example, developing broader social networks or greater inclusion in the community.

 What does this mean?

When applying to the NDIS it is important to clearly state all the benefits of the bike/tricycle. If you simply state that you want your child to “ride a bike” the NDIS may not provide funding because you haven’t indicated how the bike will help you to achieve your participatory goals. An example of such a goal might be: The goal is for my child to develop broader social networks and inclusion in the community by participating in activities such as cycling with friends and family, or at school. To achieve this goal my child needs an Able Tricycles bike/tricycle.

Accessing equipment through the NDIS:

Explain in writing why your equipment is important to achieve your goals. (For example, “it will help my child to develop broader social networks and inclusion in the community”.)

Ask your current therapist to write a letter of support to go with your request for funding for equipment Able Tricycles will provide you with a quote to attach to your request to the NDIS for funding your bike/tricycle.


Assistive Technology: any device that allows you to do something you would find difficult or impossible to do on your own without help. This could be a special chair, a computer program, a bike/tricycle or a wheelchair; basically any equipment that assists you to achieve your goals.

Capital Supports: a section of your NDIS budget that is set aside for buying equipment, or making modifications to a home or workplace.

Assistive Equipment for Recreation: this includes equipment to assist you to participate in sports and recreational activities.

NDIS Participant: the person whose plan you are developing with the NDIS.

NDIS Provider: a service or business who can provide support, services or equipment to help a participant achieve their goals.

LAC: Local Area Coordinator, a person who can help you find support and services to help a participant achieve their goals. 

Planner: an NDIS employee who will help you to set your goals in your NDIS plan.

How does the AT process work?

The process for supplying AT will depend on:

  • what the participant’s needs are;
  • how complex the participant’s needs may be; and,
  • how the participant is managing their AT supports

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) describes four levels of AT complexity in the NDIS AT Complexity Level Classification.

Self Managed Supports

If the participant is self-managing their AT supports, the participant will choose and negotiate directly with you to get the best value for money in line with their plan goals and budget.

The participant will be responsible for paying you for the supports and services you have provided.

NDIA Managed Supports

If the NDIA is managing the participant’s AT supports, the participant’s Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Support Coordinator will work closely with the participant to establish service agreements and issue service bookings.
The NDIS will pay you directly through the myplace Provider portal.

Plan Management Provider Managed Supports

If the participant’s AT supports are managed by a Plan Management Provider, the participant’s Plan Manager will work closely with the participant to establish service agreements, issue service bookings and pay providers.
The Plan Manager will be responsible for paying you for the supports and services you have provided.